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"I promise to provide a partnership filled with unconditional love, support, and guidance so that that you step into your power and heal at the core." Djuna Wojton
— Djuna Wojton
healer, author, spiritual counselor
(215) 627-6710
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Karmic Healing
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Karma — the sum of an individual's past actions extends throughout life in many ways. Ideally, principles of health, joy, and love would dominate, but if issues from the past are not properly resolved, they often manifest as addiction, physical pain, weight gain, anxiety, or relationship problems.

In Karmic Healing, I focus on a complete body-mind-spirit approach to healing past issues in order to live peacefully in the present. Drawing on more than twenty years' experience in past life therapy, I outline a four-step plan for healing family and romantic relationships, clearing karmic clutter, and undergoing a spiritual makeover. You don't have to believe in past lives to have great results.

Karmic Healing will show you how to:

  • Heal karmic ties with family members, bosses and lovers
  • Feel a greater sense of being connected to the cosmos
  • Improve your relationships
  • Feel a deeper sense of purpose
  • Be empowered to deal with difficult people or situations
  • Recognize and overcome blocks that keep you stuck

Because the karmic healing process heals the spiritual or soul directly, it is fast and effective. "I can't thank you enough for your healing session this afternoon. The revelations I've had from that time are profound — I got more out of your session today than I have from years of traditional counseling," says client Andrea Quarracino of Philadelphia.

Whether it's a challenging childhoog, a difficult boss, or an abusive lover, Karmic Healing offers personal and encouraging stories of how one can overcome destructive emotional patterns and self-defeating attitudes to ultimately heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

What others say about Karmic Healing:

"Djuna Wojton's transpersonal view on the human condition is practiced in a unique way: I recognize a Regression Therapist who knows what she is doing. Her book is practical. She adds to her work weaving in her knowledge of flower essences, specific to each client and problem. Exercises and examples serve as a guide to the reader. Karmic Healing offers a glance of the impact in the lives of clients and their turn towards healing and happiness. Djuna Wojton has written a book that contributes to the raising of consciousness, the main component of healing – unvaluable in our polluted environment. Hopefully she will teach and reach many readers. A book of value."
—Marion Boon, Trainer Therapist IPARRT PRACTICE international (www.iparrt.com). Co-founder of EARTH-European Association and WCRT World Congress for Regression Therapy

"Karmic Healing is an easy to read, well-organized, comprehensive course offering many perspectives and effective exercises for healing and personal growth. The stories are fascinating, entertaining and educational so that I could barely put it down. It is one of the best books on the market for catalyzing positive change. Do yourself a favor and buy this book now."
—Philip H. Friedman, Ph.D author of Creating Well-Being: The Healing Path to Love, Peace, Self-Esteem and Happiness (R and E, 1989) and The Forgiveness Solution: The Whole-Body Rx for Finding True Happiness, Abundant Love and Inner Peace (Conari Press, 2009). He is also the Director of the Foundation for Well-Being and Adjunct Professor for the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

"For such a small volume the impact that this writing will have on your life will be life changing. Ms. Wojton not only describes where you are in this moment of your life she guides you through the evolutionary process of healing and growing.
Regardless of where you are in your life journey the support and encouragement She gives you and that you will absorb as you go through her easy to follow suggestions will alter your outlook and life.
This small volume should be read by every human being sometime in their life."
—Jeffrey J. Ryan, CRT, PhD

"It is a welcome addition to my library."
—Edie W. Moser

"...reads like a thriller yet is filled with great advice on how to improve your life whether or not you believe in past lives."
—Don Brewer

"My healing journey with her through other lives was a stupendous experience."
—Tashamaria Bluskaya