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"I promise to provide a partnership filled with unconditional love, support, and guidance so that that you step into your power and heal at the core." Djuna Wojton
— Djuna Wojton
healer, author, spiritual counselor
(215) 627-6710
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Initial Soul Healing Consultation

A two hour session begins with a reading of your astrology chart so that you understand your karmic issues and how current transits are encouraging soul development. In the first hour, you also discuss your basic problems and what you want to accomplish. Some people need to release a blockage while others need to be relaxed and nurtured. We then choose a healing modality to suit your needs: Karmic Healing, Reiki or Past Life Regression. Each healing process is conducted as you recline on a specially designed magnetic mat with crystals and semi-precious stones placed on your body, in order to balance your meridians and chakras, and attune you to your Inner Wisdom. The session ends with a personally formulated flower essence to take home, suggestions of nourishing herbs to improve your health and a signed copy of Karmic Healing. You also receive an emailed, comprehensive astrology report. In person only.

Karmic Healing

Karmic Healing is a unique blend of Reiki, hypnosis, and shamanic healing techniques that helps you to gently release traumas stored in your body on a cellular level. A session pulls out negative thought forms and emotions, and reprograms your subconscious so that you can make better choices in your life.


Reiki is a gentle hands on, clothes on spiritual healing session that balances your body, mind and emotions. A one hour session is a great way to experience deep relaxation, relieve stress, promote inner peace and maintain good health. It can also speed your body’s recovery from illness / surgery or cancer.

Past Life Regression

While in a state of deep relaxation, you'll access information from your higher self. During the regression, you’ll have the opportunity to uncover limiting beliefs and clear them, gain insights on your purpose, release fear of death, and examine the roles your present relationships have played in other lives. A regression will give you an expanded awareness of yourself and help you gain a new perspective on your life's challenges.