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"I promise to provide a partnership filled with unconditional love, support, and guidance so that that you step into your power and heal at the core." Djuna Wojton
— Djuna Wojton
healer, author, spiritual counselor
(215) 627-6710
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During the course you may:

Receive manuals and a certificateAccess books in Djuna's take-out library

Receive a free-copy of Karmic Choices if you pay in full.

Participate in 12 free nights of reiki shares. The group experience will provide you with a larger spiritual community of like-minded people where you'll receive ongoing support.

Beginning Sunday, September 30, 2018 from 11 AM – 6PM

Program Dates

We’ll meet one full Sunday a month from 11 AM to 6 PM with a lunch break, plus one evening per month for a practice session from 7 – 9 PM. These dates will be determined the first day of class, so bring your appointment calendar.

Location: Djunaverse Center for Healing Arts, 511 Fairmount Ave, Phila. PA 19123. Bottom bell.

Free street-parking. Convenient to public transportation.

Total cost is $2400

Check the website for the Early Bird Discounts.

Reviewers total cost $1080.

Reviewer drop in fee $90 per class

Payment plan available. ($200 per month or $90 per month for reviewers.)

You must pay the entire fee in order to receive your certificate.

Contact: Djuna Wojton, 507 Fairmount Ave., Phila, PA 19123. 215-627-6710. e-mail: djuna@djunaverse.com

Are you ready to be awakened to a higher level?

Join The New Year-Long Reiki Soul-Healing Apprenticeship Program!

Transform your life with this personalized course designed especially to enhance your Reiki experience. At Djunaverse, you will not only learn the healing art of Reiki as it is known traditionally, but receive the added benefit of working with crystals, flower essences, herbal remedies, and other powerful tools from my vast and varied experiences working as a professional psychic and healer. This yearlong program is perfect for those wanting a career in Reiki, healthcare professionals, caregivers, and individuals looking to heal and grow spiritually. Throughout this program you will gain self-healing and spiritual growth both personally and professionally. Healthcare professionals will enhance their skills providing a holistic healing approach. After the completion of the course you will be certified in Reiki levels one, two and three.

In this twelve-month course you will learn more than hands-on healing

During the first class, you will be initiated into level one that begins a 21-day purification process and accelerated growth. You’ll open to receive the healing energy and learn how to give self-treatment reiki to yourself and a full session to others. You will begin to experience your body of light and a new sense of your energy through processes using dowsing rods. You’ll set goals for the year by making a vision board. We’ll cover the reiki principles, history of reiki, how to create a sacred space, and the attunement process. You’ll have ample time to practice giving reiki as well as receive a group healing in each class throughout the year.

“The camaraderie and freedom of sharing with like-minded individuals was priceless. Djuna’s great ability to embrace our differences helped us to see each other’s talents and helped me to grow as a healer.”

— Liz Shimaitus

Learn To See and Feel Auras

The second class will focus on how to develop your sensitivity to see and feel auras. You will learn the symbolic meaning of colors, and discover your soul-color mission. We’ll cover how to protect yourself from negative psychic influences. Drawing exercises will help you develop your clairvoyance. You will have ample time to practice giving reiki as well as receive a group healing.

Understand the Chakras

The third class will focus on chakras – what they are and the issues associated with each one. You will learn chakra-balance healing techniques and a meditation on how to clear blocks. You will have ample time to practice giving reiki as well as receive a group healing.









Level Two — Sending Healing Energy

During the next three months you will be initiated into level two which begins another 21-day purification process and accelerated growth. In the first class you will learn the sacred symbols and how to use them to do long distance healing. You will learn quick and easy ways to send healing to people, animals, and the earth. This is a valuable tool you can use every day of your life. You will also learn how to access information from your Higher Self as well as your client’s in order to give and receive spiritual guidance.

In the next class we will review the symbols. You will learn advanced techniques to send healing to the past, and future events and to help those in their death process that are crossing over into spirit. You will learn to do a full-hour long-distance healing and how to be in telepathic communication with your client’s Higher Self.

In the last part of this series, you will explore how a past-life affects your present and how to release blocks that have been holding you back. You will learn how to sense past-life patterns of others. In each level-two class you will have ample time to practice giving reiki as well as receive a group healing.

Level Three — Mastery

During the last six months you will be initiated into level three, the master level that begins a 21-day purification process and accelerated growth and amplifies your ability to contain more healing light in your nervous system:

One class will focus on enhancing your healing sessions with crystals. You will learn about the different types of quartz crystals and how to identify them for the right purpose. We’ll explore how to choose the right one for you, cleanse them, charge them, use them in meditation, program them to help you achieve your goals, wear them for protection and healing, and lay them on and around the body in specific layouts.

Another class will be devoted to enhancing your healing sessions using semi-precious stones. We’ll explore how they relate to the chakras, and how to lay them on and around the body in specific layouts. You will learn how they can be used to support a healing environment and how to wear them to support well-being.







“The class helped me to learn about different types of crystals and how to place them to create a powerful treatment.”

— Despina Marnerakis

Plant Spirit Medicine

In another Master-Class Session you will learn advanced healing techniques using breath, sound, and rattles. You will learn how to use a pendulum to tap into your inner knowing. We’ll cover the metaphysical causes of illness, so you can be able to detect the spiritual/mental/emotional components to physical symptoms.

The following session will focus on herbal medicine. You will learn how to make a flower essence to release old emotional scripts and limiting beliefs, connect with plant-spirits in a meditation, and explore the healing herbs growing wild in the city on a weed-walk.

You will learn how to enhance your well-being during the self-care class. You will learn breathing techniques to quiet your mind, yoga poses to restore and rejuvenate, and important acupressure points to relieve stress. You’ll discover ways to improve your diet to maximize health. You’ll find out about natural products that can support your body’s health as your consciousness grows to new levels.

Connect with Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels

In another Master-Class Session you will connect with your spirit guides and guardian angels. This life-changing experience will help you know you are never alone for you have unconditional love and support from the unseen world at all times.






Monthly Reiki Shares Connect You To Community

Each month we’ll have a reiki share practice night that is open to other graduates of the program. These magical evenings will connect you to a bigger spiritual community that will support and nourish your growth.


About Djuna Wojton

You will have a deep experience of soul healing by working with Djuna Wojton, a pioneer in the fields of hands on healing, past life regression, intuitive counseling, herbalism and shamanism. She is the author of Karmic Healing: Clearing Past-Life Blocks to Present-Day Love, Health and Happiness, and the new Karmic Choices (2014).

Djuna Wojton’s experience includes working for more than three decades as a professional psychic and healer. She will empower you to discover abilities you didn't know you had. Djuna Wojton’s training as an herbalist and medicine woman will provide you with practical, natural, ways to nourish yourself and improve your health.

“I keep attending all of Djuna’s classes because she is the most warm-hearted and caring person I’ve ever met. She has helped me believe in myself.”

— Gail Caruso

“Djuna is a wonderful teacher who is full of compassion and wants her students to benefit from every class.”

— Megan Sorden